Its not everyday you get asked to be part of a bunch of creatives, influencers & all round legends, but when you do its pretty exciting!

Cue Hashtag Travel Society, better known as #travelsociety

#travelsociety is a hand picked, curated collection of the most extraordinary TRAVEL influencers and content creaters from all corners of the globe. I was lucky enough to venture on my first trip with #travelsociety last year to Samoa. Our mission; to create epic content. From the get go I was hooked and the rest is a hard drive full of incredible experiences and unforgettable memories.

Before their big launch I was asked if I would like to be their ambassador. As if i would say no?! So I proudly call myself Pip Hashy Harwood and cannot wait for the salty, sun kissed adventures that lie ahead with #hashtagtravelsociety.

Stay tuned for a three part travel diaries coming soon from my recent adventure to Northern Sulawesi with #travelsociety | trust me, it will have you booking a ticket before the end of part two!